Historical Context of Cannabis Prohibition

History has shaped public perception and policy regarding cannabis

Understanding the historical context of cannabis prohibition is crucial in the rescheduling debate. The criminalization of cannabis in the United States dates back to the early 20th century, influenced by social, political, and racial factors. This history has shaped public perception and policy regarding cannabis, with lasting impacts on drug enforcement and societal attitudes.

The initial criminalization of cannabis was closely tied to racial and ethnic prejudices, particularly against Mexican immigrants and African Americans. Over the decades, cannabis prohibition has been linked to broader drug war policies, which have disproportionately affected minority communities.

Reflecting on this history is important for informing current policy discussions, ensuring that they address past injustices and do not perpetuate systemic biases. The Drug Policy Alliance offers a historical overview of cannabis prohibition and its impacts, accessible at DrugPolicy.org.

Historical Context of Cannabis Prohibition
S3 Collective December 13, 2023
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