Opposition to Rescheduling

There remains substantial opposition

Despite the growing support for rescheduling cannabis, there remains substantial opposition. Critics often cite concerns about the potential for increased abuse and addiction, especially among adolescents and young adults, if cannabis were to be more readily available. There are also apprehensions regarding the lack of standardized dosing, the variability in strains and potency, and the potential for adverse effects, particularly with long-term use.

Opponents argue that the current level of scientific evidence does not sufficiently demonstrate that cannabis is safe and effective for medical use to a degree that would justify rescheduling. They emphasize the need for more controlled, large-scale clinical trials to establish clear therapeutic benefits and safety profiles. The concern is also that rescheduling might send a message that cannabis is harmless, potentially leading to increased recreational use and associated societal issues.

The opposition to rescheduling is diverse, including some healthcare professionals, law enforcement agencies, and organizations focused on substance abuse prevention. These groups often advocate for a cautious approach, emphasizing public health and safety over rapid policy changes. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) provides resources on the potential risks associated with cannabis use, which can be accessed at NIDA for Teens.

Opposition to Rescheduling
S3 Collective December 13, 2023
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